The advantages of organic foods

More and more people are turning towards organic foods, as the organic growing process is better for sustainability, the environment and you. We are passionate about helping our clients grow their own edible mushrooms in a healthy, organic and sustainable way. If you’re considering using our products to grow your own mushrooms, you’re making a great decision. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider making the switch to organic foods.

Taste – Healthy, fertile soil is used in organic farming and this helps to grow crops that simply bloom with flavour. When you grow your own edible mushrooms, you’ll be experiencing the full, natural flavour of the freshly picked plant.

The environment – As organic farming uses fewer pesticides, it protects wildlife while promoting the health of surrounding soil. Rather than relying on artificial chemicals to control pests, farmers producing organic crops will work with nature to remove problems. Techniques used include crop rotation and growing clover to make the soil fertile. This helps to maintain healthy crops and builds up natural defences against pests and disease. Fewer greenhouse gases are produced through organic farming too, meaning that if you switch you can significantly decrease your carbon footprint.

Nature – When you go organic or grow your own, you know exactly what you’re eating and where it came from. You will have no concerns about genetically modified ingredients, artificial pesticides (which can be detrimental to local flora and fauna), hydrogenated fats, aspartame, monosodium, glutamate or tartrazine. All you will find is natural goodness with no chemical residue.

We are experts in organic products and offer a variety of quality plant spawns and accessories. We have everything you need to successfully grow your own crops of tasty, organic edible mushrooms. Browse through our selection today or contact us to discuss your requirements and start looking forward to enjoying the fresh, healthy flavours of organic produce.