Chicken-of-the-Woods has a unique look and great taste

We are proud to stock a wide variety of kits that allow you to grow your own mushrooms at home with ease. We have opened up many customers to fabulous mushrooms such as shiitake, nameko, enoki and lion’s mane. If you are looking for a mushroom that offers a unique and delicious flavour and can add a whole new dimension to your cooking, look no further than our kit for Chicken-of-the-Woods mushrooms.

This mushroom is characterised by a fan-like shape with rounded, velvet-like edges and a vivid colour that appears to be a cross between yellow and orange. It is quite a large mushroom which, when coupled with its distinctive shape, makes it easy pickings for foragers who can be assured that the mushroom isn’t toxic.

When young, the mushroom is tender with quite a strong smell and a subtle flavour that has been likened to lemon crossed with chicken, and even an umami, truffle-like flavour. When cooked, this mushroom adopts a white, flaky texture that is incredibly similar to cooked chicken, hence its name. The flesh is fibrous but tender, again much like cooked chicken breast. These properties mean that this mushroom is often used as a substitute for chicken itself, particularly in vegetarian dishes. It can be deep fried, baked, sauteed or stir fried without losing its signature taste or texture, though overcooking should be avoided as, much like chicken, it can dry out and leave an unpleasant texture. When it is past its best, it becomes thinner and speckled with dark spots, and takes on a more dry or crumbly texture.

Chicken-of-the-Woods is a fantastic edible mushroom that makes an excellent addition to the kitchen of any self-respecting chef, holding up well in a variety of dishes without compromising on the flavour. Picked young, they taste fabulous and make a great replacement for chicken itself. We have a kit available that allows you to grow your own mushrooms at home, complete with spiral-grooved birchwood dowels and full instructions. With enough care and attention, you can benefit from what these fantastic mushrooms can add to your dishes.