Choosing the perfect log

When it comes to growing and cultivating produce, there are many different techniques which can be used. One way to grow your own mushrooms is to use a log. Mushroom log cultivation has been practised for many centuries in Japan and is an excellent, effective method of producing your own fresh and delicious mushrooms in almost any setting.

We can provide you with comprehensive growing kits containing everything you could require to get started, including detailed instructions, log wax to sea up any vulnerable areas and plug spawn to actually get the growth started – all you need to provide is the log. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect log to grow your own mushrooms at home.

  • Use hardwood logs rather than softwood, as hardwood provides much better growing conditions for the plants to thrive. Oak, birch or beech are excellent choices.
  • Mushrooms require a moist environment to grow, so ensure your log is not too dry.
  • Make sure you are using logs from healthy trees, and that they are not scarred or damaged. It is best to use logs that are as fresh as possible, so there is less chance of them drying out or becoming contaminated in the time between being cut and being used for mushroom growth. Logs without branches are the best choice as they have fewer areas which are vulnerable to drying out or becoming contaminated with other kinds of fungi.
  • Only use one kind of mushroom spawn on each log.
  • Oak logs are the perfect choice for growing shiitake mushrooms, as they are capable of producing a healthy mushroom crop twice a year for as long as seven years.
  • Make sure your logs are the right size for the amount of plug spawn you are using. Smaller logs are easier to handle than very large ones. Our kits are designed for use on one metre-long log, or two logs measuring 50cm each.
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