Converting a Standing Tree into Mushroom Logs

Below is a guide to which parts of the tree are suitable for a particular mushroom species, with the aim of utilising the whole tree to cultivate a range of mushroom species.

The vast majority of hardwood trees are suitable for mushroom cultivation: alder, chestnut, poplar, willow, hornbeam, oak, beech, birch, are amongst the best. The thicker barked species are preferred over the thinner barked species as they support fruiting for longer.  There are restrictions involving fruit trees, and conifer trees; Nameko can be grown on both hardwoods and softwood, whilst Chicken-of-the-woods can be grown using some fruit trees.  Contact us for more advice.

Before You Begin…

  • Select healthy trees with no obvious signs of disease
  • Fell carefully using a chainsaw, taking care to minimise damage to the bark

Standing Tree