Enjoy the benefits of fresh, edible mushrooms

Growing edible mushrooms at home gives you the opportunity to enjoy fresh produce all year round. They can be grown inside, in the garden or even in woodland if you have a suitable area to plant them in. Preparation is important when it comes to growing edible mushrooms; they need to be placed in a suitable medium and put in the right conditions if you want them to grow. When deciding what type of mushroom to cultivate, it is best to consider the type of substrate you have available.

We specialise in mushrooms that are classified as ‘lignicolous’. These are mushrooms that grow on wood, causing it to decay. They can be grown using logs cut from trees, tree stumps, woodchip, or sawdust. Some species, such as oyster mushrooms, can also be grown using agricultural waste materials, such as cereal straw. Many of these materials are easy to source locally and often can be found for little or no cost. Growing mushrooms is a great way of naturally recycling waste materials and growing nutritious, delicious, healthy fresh food.

When you grow at home, you can choose suitable containers of almost any size for your mushrooms. If you want a little help, we can provide you with mushroom growing kits containing almost everything you need. With the use of our kits you can see growth very quickly and you don’t need to worry about choosing the right substrate.

If you like the idea of growing edible mushrooms in your home, garden or a woodland, you can find everything you need in our online shop. We have several great products to choose from and offer value on each one, and can also provide training courses for those who want extra help getting started growing their own mushrooms. Please contact us for further information or take a look in our online store.

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