Grow mushrooms using our innovative kit

There are two major advantages of growing your own food. You avoid paying supermarket prices, and you get fantastic tasting food that offers you many health benefits. Organic mushrooms are an effective way of achieving both goals along with opening yourself up to a whole new menu. Mushrooms have been cultivated by gardeners for thousands of years, and we are now seeing a significant surge in the practice. Growing your own mushrooms enables you to produce truly superior food and prepare a multitude of delicious new dishes.

When you decide to cultivate your own mushrooms you need the right equipment, namely a mushroom growing kit and instructions. Once you have that you are ready to go. We have all the knowledge necessary to help you with every aspect of the growing process. Growing your own mushrooms can be much easier than you think and the result is a supply of fresh produce that you cultivated by hand. Your mushrooms can be grown indoors or outdoors and even in nearby woodland if it is a viable option.

Learning to cultivate mushrooms is no different to mastering any other method, and once you have grasped the techniques you will be on your way to becoming a proficient grower. The process requires spawn as opposed to spores and the growth mediums will always be dependent on the particular variety of mushroom.  The environmental temperature and moisture levels need to be monitored in order to ensure the right conditions. This ensures that your mushrooms will successfully grow in an internal setting.

One of the many reasons that mushroom growing has become so popular is that the process is creative. It involves studying the growing process and making the appropriate adjustments to get it right. Once you have your mushrooms become established in their growing site and will continue to flourish for many years. When a mushroom strain is in the right conditions it will keep going and going. You can even use your mushroom growing kit to fruit your mushrooms indoors and then use the remains to set up a site in the garden and increase your yield potential.

Mushrooms are fantastic for the preservation of the planet and our health. We can provide you with the mushroom growing kit, equipment and guidance that will set you on the road to efficient growing. We offer a one day introductory workshop and we provide unparalleled value for money.

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