Enoki Mushrooms

Grow your own mushrooms with our helpful kit

There are a number of reasons why people grow mushrooms, the most popular of which is to eat. They are an interesting and diverse food source, comprising many different flavours and textures.

They appear in the wild across the world in all climates and were even grown in Ancient Egyptian times as a delicacy for royals. As they are full of B vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients they can add flavour and nutritional value to any dish. Low in calories and possessing a variety of antibacterial substances, they are great for a variety of uses.

If you are interested in entering mycology at home or in your work but have no idea how to start, we can help. As one of the leading providers of mushroom grow kits and plug spawn in the UK, we can offer support for you when you wish to grow your own mushrooms. All products are of the highest quality and made in the UK, meaning that you can be completely assured of their quality and suitability.

Established in 2002 by experienced mycologist Adrian Ogden, we possess the ability to supply some of the finest products available on the market. Over the years we’ve been operating, we have built up a network of loyal and satisfied clients who use our services time and time again when they need reliable and affordable plug spawn.

Due to the fact that we are experienced mycologists ourselves, we are able to offer comprehensive advice and guidance when you grow your own mushrooms. We offer a diverse range of kits and plug spawn to help you grow shiitake mushrooms, pearl oyster mushrooms, and various other species. Contact our team today for more information and we will be pleased to assist.