Growing your own mushrooms is fun and rewarding

Growing your own mushrooms at home is a rewarding experience, and means you can have a regular supply of fresh produce close at hand. They can be grown outside in your garden or in the house, shed or other outbuildings if you don’t have a suitable external space. You can even cultivate them in woodland if you wish. There are many different varieties of mushroom to choose from so you have plenty of choices.

Growing mushrooms from spores is very difficult, even for experienced professional cultivators. The whole mushroom growing industry uses mushroom Spawn to begin the cultivation process. Spawn is made from the fungal root system called Mycelium. Mycelium is a tubular network of cells which is usually hidden from view under the ground or within a tree. Under laboratory conditions, mycelium is expanded using a series of different materials or substrates. Mushroom Spawn is made using cereal grains, sawdust, woodchip, and wooden dowels (called plugs). Each type of spawn can be purchased from us and advice on which is the most suitable is available.

You can purchase a mushroom growing kit to help along the way but once you understand the steps you need to take, the tools you require and the necessary conditions for maximum growth, you are ready to grow to your heart’s content. Different varieties of mushroom require different growth mediums, so it is important to look at this when you purchase spawn.

When you grow mushrooms you need to keep a close eye on the temperature and moisture levels to ensure you have the perfect conditions for growth. Contrary to popular belief, most gourmet mushroom species require daylight to grow. They don’t need strong direct sunlight, but like shade, so they can be thought of as like a shade-loving plant. This means they can easily be grown indoors as long as you can get the temperatures right.

Your mushrooms can be picked at various stages depending on your needs. Whether you prefer small buttons or want the cap to be near its maximum diameter, you need to remove them carefully. Using a paring knife is a good idea when it is time to harvest them. You’ll also need to ensure you cut at the base of the stem and remove the part left in the casing mixture. If you don’t do this you will allow bacteria to grow; this will harm subsequent mushrooms and reduce their quality.

If you require a mushroom growing kit, mushroom spawn, professional growth tips, advice, or even a training course to help you get started, we are here to help. We are passionate growers and offers kits for use in the home, garden and woodlands too. Whether you’re an experienced producer or a complete beginner, we can give you the assistance you need.

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