Growing your own mushrooms

The business for organic mushrooms is booming as more and more people begin to appreciate their health benefits, not to mention the great tastes and textures they can bring to a wide variety of dishes. Growing your own mushrooms can leave you with a stock of delicious, organic mushrooms close at hand whenever you want them. When you choose to grow your own mushrooms you can also harvest varieties which you may otherwise not find easily or inexpensively in shops, such as shiitake and oyster mushrooms. If you are looking to grow your own mushrooms, then you can be assured that we have the equipment, kits and knowledge necessary to help you take your first steps towards success.

Growing your mushrooms is a rewarding pursuit for all kinds of people, whether you are a keen gardener, cook, looking to eat a healthier diet or simply trying to save money. Carefully cultivated mushrooms can grow to be bigger and more flavoursome than shop-bought varieties. With enough care, a grower can also benefit from a constant yield of mushrooms that may also occur more than once throughout a year. Depending on the log used, a crop may recur for several years. This means that a single kit can potentially provide several years’ worth of mushrooms.

We sell a general oyster mushroom kit for growing Yorkshire oyster mushrooms using a recycled book. Oyster mushrooms are renowned for being one of the easiest varieties to cultivate, which makes them a great choice for new growers.

Our Westwood Oyster DIY Mushroom Log Kit contains sixty mushroom plugs, an 8mm HSS drill bit, sealing wax and brush, alongside an informative booklet. Using the right wood, they can provide a yield from three to five years, with multiple clusters of mushrooms per yield. Cultivated correctly and taken care of, they can provide two crops in a year. For these mushrooms, stumps which are still rooted provide great growing conditions. They also accelerate the process of decomposition by feeding on the lignin and cellulose within the wood, helping to reduce wood waste.

Our mushroom growing kit for a recycled book uses paperbacks to provide a unique growing medium for oyster mushrooms. The book is simply spread through with the starter spawn provided. A grow bag is also provided for the paperback, and it grows within three weeks, producing yields shortly afterwards.

We have the kits and expertise needed to help you grow your own mushrooms at home with relative ease. With a little care, you can produce greater and better yields of oyster mushrooms. Our kits are available for very affordable prices and you will certainly save money on buying mushrooms when you invest in one of our kits. Whether you are looking for a new plant to grow or are a chef looking to grow their own ingredients, our kits will provide you with practically everything that you need to start growing your own oyster mushrooms.

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