Oyster mushrooms and their uses

Oyster mushrooms ready to be cropped and enjoyed

Oyster mushrooms ready to be cropped and enjoyed

We have a wide range of growing kits available to help those interested in growing or cultivating mushrooms. Our kits contain everything that you need to start growing various different types of mushrooms, including oyster mushrooms. This variety is incredibly popular throughout the entire world and can be used in a wide array of dishes. They are very versatile and can make a useful addition to practically any dish, and by growing them yourself, you can have a steady supply of oyster mushrooms constantly on hand.

Oyster mushrooms are a very versatile mushroom, and are an entire genus of mushroom called ‘pleurotus’ as opposed to being one single type. This genus contains over 15 different edible species with colours ranging from pink (pleurotus djamour), yellow (pleurotus citrinopileatus), blue (pleurotus columbinus), brown and grey (pleurotus ostreatus). These mushrooms are relatively easy to grow, and can adapt to many different mediums, such as: cereal straw and grain, paper and cardboard, wood-chip, and even textiles. Because of this, that they are relatively easy to grow and harvest.

Oyster mushrooms are unique in that they don’t have the typical deep, earthy flavour that we associate with other mushrooms such as the shiitake or the field mushroom. They are quite mild and sweet, which means they are perfect for adding taste and texture to all kinds of cuisine. When freshly picked, they have a subdued smell that is similar to anise, though this smell wears away shortly after they are picked. By growing your own oyster mushrooms, you can ensure that they are as fresh and distinctive as possible when you use them in your dishes.

Their thin texture, fast cooking times, and have a subdued flavour which makes them widely used in dishes such as rice dishes, stir fries and stews. The mild taste ensures that it does not overpower any dish that it is used in, and even when used extremely fresh, picked straight from one of our growing kits, the gentle taste it imparts compliments rather than dominates a dish.

If you are looking into growing these versatile mushrooms, we have two different kits which you can buy to help you get started. One kit needs to be used with wood while the second is used with an old paperback to provide a unique method of recycling a book. Given enough time and care, you will find yourself growing oyster mushrooms which are readily available and can be picked as needed, ensuring that they do not lose their distinct aroma. With our expert kits and help, you will be able to benefit from some of the freshest mushrooms that you have ever experienced.

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