Plug Spawn

Plug spawn for 10 superb gourmet mushroom species for growing using logs and tree stumps.  Shiitake, Pearl, Summer, and Tarragon Oyster, Reishi, Chicken-of-the-woods, Enoki, and Nameko.

Plug Spawn is available in 6 different pack sizes: 30, 120, 300, 600, 900, and 1200 plugs, with prices starting from £3.00.  Bulk discounts are available for purchases of 6000 plugs or over.

Our mushroom plug spawn is made using specially made spiral grooved birch wood dowels.  The spiral groove is important because it protects the mycelium and also helps trap in beneficial oxygen.  Mushroom mycelium always grows in circles, and this is the reason why our dowels perform better than standard straight grooved dowels.

Mushroom Plug Spawn