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Oyster Mushroom Book Recycler Kit









Oyster Mushroom Book Recycler Kit, as featured in The Independent.
Click here for the on-line article..
Allow Gourmet Woodland Mushrooms to open your eyes to a whole new world of edible mushrooms with a range of products produced from fifteen goumet species.

Every year our team of dedicated mycologists (mushroom botanists to you and me) brave all weathers to delve deep into Britain's woodlands seeking out new and exciting gourmet & medicinal mushroom treasures.

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DIY Log Growing Kit...Ideal for beginners. 60 mushroom plugs, 8mm drill bit, instructions.
DIY Growing Kit Contains
60 spiral grooved mushroom plugs
8mm drill bit
and 8 page colour booklet
Mushroom Log Growing Kit
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collecting wild samples ready to be tamed in our labs

The Yorkshire Oyster Mushroom is just 1 of our 30 woodland mushroom treasures...

From a Yorkshire woodland then into your home...here is the story:

‘Wild mushrooms are tamed by taking a special type of cutting from a living mushroom which is preserved using our in-house laboratory. It can then be grown time-and-time-again by ourselves, and our customers.

We use natural materials like cereal grain, wood, and straw, to make mushroom spawn, which allows you to grow and discover our beautiful, tasty, healthy, gourmet woodland mushrooms all for yourself’.

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