Quality Mushroom
Spawn is Essential

Whether you are a Professional or Hobby grower our Spawn and Growing Kits will give you great results...

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Mushroom Spawn can be thought of as like plant seeds; quality seeds grow quality plants. It's the same when growing mushrooms. Without good quality spawn the results can often be disappointing. At every stage of our production process, the nutrition available to the mycelium is maximised ensuring it is vigorous and full of health when it arrives. We deliver all our spawn in Filter Spawn Bags which keeps the mycelium in peak condition through controlled gaseous exchange, until it is ready for use.

New opportunities for small scale, high quality mushroom production...

Woodland Mushroom Farming

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Make productive use of woodlands and/or redundant buildings using readily available 'waste' wood and agricultural materials. Take advantage of the growing interest for new culinary experiences and locally produced ethical food. We have 15 years experience of helping new growers to make the most of their resources. Many of our species and strains are not grown commercially on a large scale, giving our growers a distinct marketing advantage when it comes to gaining customers for their mushrooms. Get in touch to arrange a consultation.

Why Buy From Us...?

Put simply... 'More Quality Mycelium for your Money!' Plus exclusive products, species and strains...

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  • The dowels used in our plug spawn are larger than our competitors
  • In stock products dispatched within 48 hours to UK, Europe, and the rest of the world
  • Exclusive native species and strains
  • Tested, proven and high yielding mushroom species
  • Comprehensive instructions included with all kits and spawn
  • Commercial spawn is bespoke and made to order
  • Free advice and support via email

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