Sprial Grooved Plug Spawn

Plug Spawn (also called dowel spawn) is available in the following bag sizes: 30, 120, 300, 600, 900, 1200, and 1500 plugs.

Spiral Not Straight Grooves
Mushroom mycelium grows in circles – not straight lines – so sprial grooved dowels perform much better as the mycelium’s natural growth pattern is maintained.  The spiral groove protects from the inoculation shock and traps in benefical oxygen.  Also, when re-hydrated during the production process, spiral grooved dowels do not ‘swell’ so fit perfectly in an 8mm drill hole.  This close contact with the surrounding wood enables the mycelium to ‘leap off’ much quicker and hence grow faster throughout the wood.  Plus the extra length of our dowels (35mm) helps the mycelium penetrate deeper than shorter dowels.

30 and 120 plug bags are normally kept in stock but during busy periods we often sell out so will be available on back-order.  Larger sizes (300 and above) are made to order – which normally takes 14 to 28 days.  Bulk discounts are available for orders of 6000 plugs or above, email for a quote.

With all purchases illustrated instructions are included. The instructions are split into two sections:  Plug Spawn General Instructions (which can be downloaded below) which covers the whole growing process from selecting the right log, inoculation, to fruiting; and a seperate Log Growing Guide which specifies the requirements for each different mushroom. We offer free advice and support via email for all our spawn products.

Some Useful Tips…

  • Fresh green logs should be cut from disease free trees and plugged within 6 weeks of cutting/felling
  • 50 cm or 1 m long logs with a diameter up 20 cm are best for plug spawn.  Wider logs and trunk sections over 20 cm, Sawdust Spawn is best using the Totem Log System.
  • A 2 week seasoning period is needed before plugging
  • Cut logs should come into contact with soil as little as possible to avoid contamination by soil-borne fungi
  • Prior to plugging logs are best stored in a sheltered location away from direct sunlight and strong drafts preferably in a shed/garage/outbuilding

Visit the Growing Guide pages for more information on log growing including:

Log Growing F.A.Q.
Converting a Tree into Mushroom Log
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