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Gourmet Woodland Mushrooms is an Independent Spawn Laboratory Based in the UK Specialising in Quality Gourmet Mushroom Growing Products for Businesses and Individuals

Open Again For Business

We are now open again after our Winter Break. If you placed your order while we were closed, we are now working through the backlog, and will have cleared all the outstanding orders by the 3rd of February.

Coming Soon…Oyster Mushroom Plant Pot Kits. A new, easy and quick way to grow Oyster mushrooms. Fruiting starts in around a month, and continues for 3 months. Sign up to our newsletter to find out when it’s released.

Oyster Mushroom Plant Pot Kit
New Product – Oyster Mushroom Coffee Growing Kit

NEW – 120 Plug Spawn Packs

Can you tell the difference between good quality mushroom spawn and poor quality mushroom spawn?

Mushroom Log Farming Presents New Opportunities…
Standing Tree

Converting a Standing Tree into Mushroom Logs

Below is a guide to which parts of the tree are suitable for a particular mushroom species, with the aim of utilising the whole tree to cultivate a range of mushroom species. The vast majority of hardwood trees are suitable for mushroom cultivation: alder, chestnut, poplar, willow, hornbeam, oak, beech, birch, are amongst the best. […]