Sawdust Spawn in 3kg and 1kg Bags

Sawdust Spawn available in 1kg and 3kg bags. Made-to-order. Current turn-round time for 1kg bags is around 2 weeks.  3kg bags currently take 2-3 weeks. Discounts are available for bulk and regular orders – email for more info.

A bag of Sawdust Spawn is in essence a bag of mycelium, which can grow mushrooms straight from the bag or can be used as spawn to inoculate another material, or substrate.  An all purpose spawn which can be used for indoor and outdoor growing and is perfectly suited to inoculating cereal straws (including our excellent supplemeted straw pellets), beech wood pellets, masters mix pellets, hardwoood sawdust (and in some cases softwood), woodchip, cardboard and spent coffee grounds.

Because there are so many different ways to use Sawdust Spawn, we don’t supply specific instructions with the spawn, however we are happy to give guidance on your plans over email.  There are some useful articles in our Mushroom Growing Guides, and on request we can send a Log Growing Guide with the spawn.

Our Sawdust spawn is made using pure beech wood micro-woodchips from sustainable FSC certified forests. It has a 1-3 mm in size which mycelium prefers over finer particles (dust). This consistant particle size means less clumping so the spawn can be easily broken up and distributed.

The beech chips are supplemented with 25% soya bean hulls which gives the mycelium an extra boost of nutrition to enhance it’s growth. Both the 1kg and 3kg bags are classed as ‘Sawdust Masters’ as they are 1st generation, so can then be expanded by 2 more generations.

Put simply: ‘Old Spawn is Bad Spawn’. Like every other living organism, as fungal mycelium ages it gets weaker so it’s growth potential reduces. Making spawn to order means we can supply you spawn at the very peak of it’s growth potential which has the following benefits:

  1. colonises (grows) fastser therefore reducing the length of the spawn run (incubation)
  2. higher resistance to competing micro-organisms such as green mold
  3. produces higher yields
  4. better quality of fruit body (mushroom)

Keeping mycelium at the Peak of it’s Viability (strength and vigour) should be the goal of every of spawn producer and as company we excel at this. We use established published techniques and also novel ones of our own. Some of our mycelial cultures are over 30 years old, but they are still as vigorous as the day they arrived and we are extemely proud of this.

All sawdust spawn is supplied with a Use-By-Date, which is usually 3 months. With the exception of Pink Oyster it can be stored in fridge below 5 deg.C. up to the supplied Use-by-Date.

Along with storage info, each species is supplied with the following info:

  • Spawn run (incubation) temperature
  • Fruiting temperature range
  • Recommended substrates (growing media)

It’s best practice to use the sawdust spawn up all in one go. However, some can be taken out and the bag resealed. It is advised that you work quickly and don’t leave the sawdust spawn bag open for extended periods. Afterwards keep the spawn at room temperature for a few days to allow it to recover and then refrigerate if necessary.

When packed for delivery a 1kg bag of Sawdust Spawn weighs 1.1kg, and a 3kg bag will weigh 3.2kg.  Shipping estimates can be obtained by viewing the basket before checking out.