Add healthy shiitake mushrooms to your diet

Shiitake mushrooms are renowned for providing a wide range of health benefits and being packed with important nutrients. They are even often referred to as medicinal because of the long history of them being used in oriental medicine. Along the many benefits they offer are things like boosting the immune system, cholesterol reduction and antioxidant support.

As well as the clear health benefits, shiitake mushrooms are also renowned for their rich, slightly smoky flavour. They are highly porous so need to be cleaned with as little water as possible to prevent them from becoming soggy and ruining the texture. If you buy them dried or have had them in storage for a while you can freshen them up in water.

There are several ways to cook with shiitake mushrooms, but the healthiest is to saute them. This will help you to keep the flavour and the texture. Dried ones can be chopped and added to stock or soups if you want to add depth to the taste.

If you enjoy mushrooms and want a regular supply you can grow them quite easily in your own garden. They are best when traditionally grown on oak logs; this helps them get the nutrition they need to grow healthy and tasty. When planted they should produce a crop twice a year for several years. Cultivating them is very easy because they are grown from plug spawn.

To get a helping hand growing your own mushrooms you can buy a grow kit. Our kits include everything you need to start growing except for the oak log itself. We also offer clear step by step instructions on how to plant the spawns and care for them.

When you get your growth kit if you don’t use all of the spawns right away you can store them in a fridge for up to six months before using them. They must be kept hydrated when stored and it is important you stick to the use by date if you want to be able to use them. If you are a fan of shiitake mushrooms, make sure to purchase one of these great kits and start enjoying growing your own at home.

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