The Saw Trench Log Inoculation Technique

The traditional way to inoculate logs is using plug spawn, but sawdust spawn can also be used in a number of different ways.  For anyone with access to a chainsaw The Saw Trench system is a quick and simple process ideally suited to narrower logs below 20 cm in diameter.  It involves cutting 4 equally spaced trenches on either side of a 1m log which are then packed with sawdust spawn and sealed over using an appropiate wax.  Each log takes around 10 minutes to prepare when the task is divided into 3 parts: first all the trenches are cut; next the trenches are filled with spawn; and finally the trenches are sealed over.

When compared to plug spawn and also sawdust spawn using an inoculation tool, the Trench System benefits from a larger mass of mycelium so therefore can achieve full colonisation in as little as 3 months.

Vegetable based chainsaw oils are preferred for this method.  Other than the spawn the only other requirement is for Sealing wax.  The following instructions and photos outline the process and have been kindly shared by Sylvain Petit.

Locate the log on a sturdy stable platform to cut the trenches using a chainsaw.